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Commercial Grade Vertical Tanks
Part No. 5090000D856
US Gallons 2500
Dimensions 90"D x 108"H
Fittings 16"
Weight 450 lbs
Ships from Various Plants
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These tanks are designed for the storage of water or less aggressive chemicals.
The rotational molding process allows for a one-piece, seamless tank that is rugged and impact resistant.

Handy Conversions

1 IMP. = 1.2 US Gallons
1 US Gallon = 0.833 IMP Gallons
1 IMP Gallon = 4.546 Litres
1 US Gallon = 3.785 Litres
1 Litre = 0.22 IMP Gallons
1 Cu. FT = 6.23 IMP Gallons
1 Cu. FT = 7.48 US Gallons

This tank is designed to handle contents that have a maximum specific gravity of 1.5 @ 73°F.
Tanks rated to hold liquids up to 1.9 S.G. are available and can be quoted on request.

  • Additional features are Molded-in Lifting Lugs and Molded-in Tie-Down Lugs

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